All our purchasing and delivery systems are accessed through a single system, Schemes Plus

Schemes Plus

Schemes Plus is our internet-based project management and e-trading platform, through which customers transact with framework partners, and monitor their project progress, cost and performance.

It provides transparency and streamlines the process of delivering labour and materials, enabling significant cost savings throughout the term of each project.

Schemes Plus was developed inhouse and has been designed in consultation with customers including finance officers and project managers to ensure that best practice is captured and real life scenarios are addressed.

Post contract award all projects are loaded to Schemes Plus where the full delivery life cycle is realised. From agreeing a target cost, through the completion of material ordering and labour claims, finishing with invoicing and outturn reporting on all transactions, Schemes Plus facilitates all parties to deliver successful projects

Whilst the system is straight forward to use and intuitive, classroom-based training is provided free to all members, alongside ongoing live support from a dedicated coordination team

Schemes Plus lets our members oversee all aspects of their projects, giving them full control of their spend. It is used directly by contractors and suppliers so information is accurate and timely, and all costs are fed from an inhouse catalogue management system to ensure tender rates are adhered to. It provides the perfect platform for landlord users as everything they need is in one place and up to date.

Schemes Plus builds on the best value offered by our frameworks to deliver projects on time, saving money and improving performance, it provides clients with:

  • intuitive and easy to use project management system
  • financial forecasting
  • key stages and financial reporting
  • progress monitoring
  • order and delivery management
  • comprehensive reporting
  • performance tracking and KPI collection