Goods & Materials Framework

Catering for the diverse range of registered provider needs, while keeping costs low

This Reallies framework makes it easier for Registered Providers to procure high quality materials for planned and cyclical maintenance projects, increasing the scope of supply, catering for the diverse range of provider needs, while keeps costs low.

By implementing a collaborative procurement approach, Reallies maintains competitive pricing levels, and in many cases, achieves better deals for its member organisations.

Reallies engages with the market on behalf of 84 social housing providers with an overall stock in excess of 1.2m. This enables us to nationally aggregate demand for elements such as materials toensure market leading prices and terms. It also means that regionally we build relationships with SME contractors who take advantage of the Reallies materials pricing to improve their competitive position. This also results in real jobs for our customer’s tenants, for it is the SME contractor that provides permanent employment with structured training in this more stable environment that we
create by elevating SMEs to Tier 1.

Construction demand is starting to increase and this is affecting pricing which is becoming more challenging to manage with outside pressures affecting relationships with the contractors and supply chain. The relationship management provided by the Reallies frameworks is able to mitigate these pressures. The volume the framework brings to the market coupled with the level of data available from our purchase to pay system ensures the framework can deliver a value for money solution whilst maintaining the best deals for our customers. Through data analysis, we identify what a ‘good price’ is and ensure that all stakeholders work towards this price, thus minimising risk and adopting a true partnering ethos.

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