Ground source heat pump systems – supply, design and installation

A cost-effective and flexible procurement solution for the supply, design and installation of ground source heat pump systems.

Through these two complimentary frameworks our members can work directly and compliantly with a wide range of market leading contractors and suppliers of ground source heat pumps (GSHP).

The Reallies service to landlords using these frameworks is comprehensive. As well as initial technical support to help build the business case, develop specifications and select the most appropriate procurement route, we actively support you using these frameworks throughout the term of the contract, including benchmarking across a range of suppliers, to ensure true long-term best value is preserved beyond the initial contract award.

Using two complementary framework agreements, one for design and installation and one for supply, Reallies will work with you to choose the contractor and/or supplier most suitable for your project to develop the specification you require.

We offer direct award and ‘mini competition’ with both of these frameworks to enable you to select your preferred technology supplier and installer.


The lot structure is as follows:


Lot 1 – Ground Source Heat Pumps up to 14kw

Lot 2 – Ground Source Heat Pumps over 14kw


Design and Installation

Lot 1 Individual and Shared Ground Loop Systems

Lot 2 Commercial installations

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Companies for all regions & lots

Alternative Heat Ltd
GI Energy
Ground Heat Installations Ltd
GroundTherm Ltd
JKN Renewables Ltd
Kensa Contracting Ltd
Matrix Energy Systems
Oakes Energy Systems Ltd
Perfect Green Heating Ltd
Rothwell Plumbing Services Limited