Reallies drives down material costs for Shropshire Housing Group

Shropshire Housing Group (SHG) uses the Reallies Merchants and Responsive Materials Framework through Reallies Partner CHIC to support their contract with local framework provider Huws Gray.

Reallies reviews all prices on a monthly basis in details and shares this information through the Schemes Plus software. To ensure that they comply with the centrally agreed and managed catalogue of prices,  CHIC reports not only on catalogue pricing but also on operative buying behaviour. If operatives have good van stocks and buy all materials ‘on catalogue’, then productivity will be higher (with fewer visits to merchants) and pricing will be better managed.

Jayne Bissell, Procurement Manager of Shropshire Housing Group, said of the managed service: “Reallies strengthens the SHG procurement team with a support service which works with us and our merchants to drive down our material costs through a managed materials catalogue. Reallies regularly benchmarks products and provides a detailed monthly management report showing full spend analysis, which enables SHG to optimise our service costs”.

By accessing Reallies supply chain SHG was able to achieve immediate cashable savings on some planned materials as well. Cashable savings achieved on planned materials, supplied through the merchant, including 50% saving on bathrooms, 11% on kitchens and 19% on electricals.