84 dementia friendly homes built with Reallies New Build framework

Landlord Pickering & Ferens chose to procure their Newbridge Village development via the Reallies New Build Framework, available through Reallies.

The development aims to provide high quality bungalows with built-in storage, parking space, designed with dementia friendly considerations.

Following an innovative two-stage mini-competition process, United Living were appointed to develop the Pre-Construction Phase Plan in May 2016. The works commenced on site in February 2017 with overall completion planned for October 2018.

In further validation of the scheme and its efficiency achieved through working closely with United Living, the development was increased in size from 54 to 82 homes, thanks to Pickering & Ferens confidence with the value and quality of the initial design proposals. Added to this the project is set to create up to 20 full-time training positions for young and unemployed people in Hull, generated through the volume being put through the Reallies framework.

Sharon Brookes, Director of Property Services at Pickering and Ferens Homes, said: “The Newbridge Village project was a large scheme for Pickering and Ferens Homes to develop in relation to the size of the organisation. The two stage procurement process was a new approach for us however, the process was tailored to our needs, was transparent and has delivered great value for money. This innovate approach to procurement provided a better tailored product for our resident group to suit independent retirement living and an additional 20 units than initially planned. Reallies provided professional and experienced support throughout the procurement process and we look forward to their continued support with the scheme and the facilitation of over ten full time training positions as a direct result of their involvement.”

Originally 52 dwellings were planned, but due to efficiencies of the framework and expertise on hand 82 dwellings were eventually built.